I am taking a class and the professor restricts use of a graphing calculator that has a color screen. I do not think it is a monochrome thing but rather some attribute of the calculators that happen to have a color screen.

Perhaps it is because I could upload a JPEG that contains notes (I have not cared to attempt to store any baby pic's [or hot air balloons] so I don't know the resolution) Perhaps those calculators can manipulate algebraic equations with variables in letters... I really don't know, but I suspect one of you fine folks will enlighten me.

I currently drive an 84+CE and yesterday purchased an 83+ craigslist with the black plague.


I watched the video on what calculator to get, yesterday.

I really would choose the Nspire CAS. It appears that if price were no issue, that it is the best along the consumer line that is currently available that I may take on the remainder of my life's professional journey. I also became aware there is a CAS gen II that is pre-release, rumored.

My PART II question: This guy, the CAS w/touchpad.


This appears to be a monochrome screen and a powerful hand held. Does this have a color screen? I would think that if it were, that somewhere in the TI webpage would have a picture of a balloon in color.

What do the experts review this as. Does anyone care to sell me one?
No one cares but me?
Sorry, we must've missed this!

I have no idea why your professor would ban colored screens. You can cheat just as easily on a monochrome calculator. Now if your professor banned CAS calculators, THAT I can understand since it could contain functions your professor wants you to learn to do by hand rather than relying on the calculator.

That CAS with touchpad does NOT have a color screen. I'm quite not sure what picture you're referring to, it could be an advertisement TI's fancy new color screens.

I would check to make sure that it's specifically the color screen your professor doesn't like and make sure that it's not some other function that your professor doesn't want. The calculator you linked is almost as powerful as the ones with color screens and I don't think you'll notice much of a speed nor functionality difference.
Well, the nspire is kind of unpopular on this forum imo. You can however look on Ebay or somewhere.
Thank you both for your input
On the proctor instruction sheet is says specifically "no color screen" and I will comply... with an nNsipre CAS
I found a seller on ebay for $100 , looked unused or lightly used, included two color manuals, a B/W manual, a disk, and a usb cable. I sorted through the offerings for one that said CAS

Is that disk software licensed and if they used the code once will I be able to do anything with it?
The class instructor is too lazy to differentiate between two or more of the following:
  • A TI-83/84 Plus series calculator
  • A modern Nspire
  • A phone
  • A netbook
  • A digital camera
My best guess is that the instructor thinks that all Nspires have both CAS functionality and color screens, or wanted a simple rule to distinguish between CAS and non-CAS calculators. As you have pointed out, the instructor is very wrong:
  • First-generation Nspires had B&W screens, both CAS and non-CAS
  • The color-screen Nspires come in both CAS and non-CAS variants
  • HP has previously produced a very powerful and well-respected (though not so popular) line of B&W graphing calculators
  • The TI-89T has CAS functionality, and has a B&W screen. Its electronic guts also fit perfectly in a TI-84+ case. You shouldn't do that, but it's possible.
Thank you DrDnar
I agree that she is being prejudice against my color (-84+ CE)
So I am forced to go out and spend another hard to find dollar to get yet another calculator. She did suggest an -36X PRO as something that would calculate 3x3 matrices
Another great choice would be the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition. This calculator has nearly all the functionality of a color calculator, but has a black and white display. They are also availible for around $60-70.
Legoman314 wrote:
Another great choice would be the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition. This calculator has nearly all the functionality of a color calculator, but has a black and white display. They are also availible for around $60-70.

Huh, I happened to look at my classmate -84 Silver today and I thought I remember it having a color screen, perhaps I am just having one of those 'flash back' moments they always promised me from my teen years in the 80's
You may be remembering looking at a TI 84 Plus Color Silver Edition (CSE) and not a regular TI 84 Plus Silver Edition (SE) (they're two separate calculators) If you're wandering, the 84 Plus SE is far superior to the CSE mainly due to speed an community support.
I wouldn't suggest getting it though if you're looking for a CAS calculator since none of the TI 84 family have any CAS functionality.
You can get 83+'s pretty cheap off ebay as well.
Thank you TLM and tr1plea,

I'll take his for another test drive and look closer.
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