So I tried to put a program on my calculator using TiLP but it does not work, it doesnt display an error when connecting the calculator but then all function like list wont work and give me this error : timeout occured while reading from the device . Help anyone ?
You may just be using a faulty cable to connect the TI 83 (Plus?) to your computer. Also, try using different software like TI-Connect or TI Connect CE if you are using a TI 83 Premium CE. If after replacing the cable and the software the calculator still does not work well with the computer, try calling TI Cares and see what they have to say about this.
Try plugging the cord in further. You should not call TI Cares if you are using TiLP as this is not official TI software.
Did you click File -> Change Device and select the correct cable/port/calc combination?
All we know is that you're using a TI-83, but you didn't tell us which:
* cable;
* computer OS type;
* computer OS version;
you're using, so it's hard to help you efficiently Wink
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