Looking for circuit diagram to connect BLE module receiver with MSP430 board which help to receive the atmospheric pressure data from an I2C sensor which is connected with BLE module which acts as transmitter, I have never use BLE module before so any kind of help to make this kind of solution useful will be very helpful.

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Additional information required. Do you already have a BLE module, or need to get one (for attaching to the MSP430)? How is the transmitter set up? As much information as possible really, because the query as written is too vague to provide any advice on.
Hello, I am thinking to use ESP32 (as the transceiver) with MSP430, as ESP32 connected with I2C sensor act as a transmitter through I2C connection with specified power and send the data to ESP32 Connected with MSP430 which acts as the receiver to create Wireless sensor network via Bluetooth communication between both the devices.
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