I've been on Cemetech in some form for 5 years now. In that time, I've come to appreciate the role of graphing calculators both in a mathematical sense, and in a programming sense. When I first joined, I had a nonexistent grasp of programming conepts and I was confused as to why I couldn't get Gossamer working on my TI-84+SE. Since then, I developed skills that I could actively use in an educational setting.
I owe my programming fervor to Cemetech. Here, I found a community that is excited to learn, and also willing to teach newcomers the skills to mature their skills. Even though I can no longer consider myself an active member, I still enjoy seeing a new user slowly gain a grasp of programming skills that might not solve their problem now, but will be useful to future endeavors.
As I get ready to go off to college to major in Computer Science, I realize that programming calculators is something I will always appreciate and will always share as a fantastic introduction to programming.
Aww, although I had absolutely nothing to do with your experience, I still felt touched.
I'm glad you enjoyed your experience here, I sure have. Since you're going off to college, will we be seeing you around less? Good luck!
I'm happy to hear that Ordelore! If you ever feel compelled, please post projects you're working on, and even post in our computer & mobile section.

I wish you well in your endeavor and hope to see updates from time to time Wink
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