This probably comes up a lot, but I am having an incredibly difficult time finding tutorials. I have about a year of assembly experience and can work my way with it (intel syntax, of course). However, nowhere I look are there usable tutorials for programming the TI84+CE calculator in assembly. eZ80 Heaven ( gives one program, then has no other tutorials for printing graphics, useful syscalls, etc. Basically, what I hope to find is this:

1) An assembly coding tutorial for the TI84+CE
2) Said tutorial should teach about graphics, specific syscalls, i/o, etc

If anyone could help me that would be amazing.
You can probably start with these tutorials I was working on a few years ago: (Specifically, and -- Not sure how outdated they are...

It may be more reasonable to invest time in the C language, which the CE supports with a wide variety of libraries for performing file io and graphics. You can look at the assembly for these libraries on github:


Graphics Library:
FileIO Library:

Beyond that, I really am not sure what else to offer other than if you have specific questions on how to perform something specific. Let us know though and we'd be happy to help. Thanks, and welcome!
These tutorials seem like what I've been looking for. Thank you so much!
Actually I totally got bored and made this updated repository that should have enough to get you started... Anyway here's the link:

Be sure to start with the first tutorial and download the repository via ZIP or clone. Best of luck.
I think the last one ( will be a better start along with the learn ez80 in 28 days (although C seems like a good option, I lack slightly in that area). Sad thing is though I don't have a TI-83+. Time to find an emulator.

EDIT: Update. Guess who cant get ROM files for any emulator. This is going to be fun.
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