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There is a user on our community who goes by the name of "t00manyleg0s". Whether he has too many legs or too many LEGOs is irrelevant, but somehow, the topic was brought up on what the is the average number of legs per organism in the Kingdom Animalia. Take into consideration mutation, amputation, etc.

SAX wrote:
4:07:04 PM [ReGuess] This sounds like a question for
4:06:45 PM [Nik] But there are more centipedes than most fish Razz
4:06:41 PM [#] *DecBot3 waves.
4:06:40 PM [JWinslow23] I wonder if I can get a serious answer to "how many legs are there on average, considering all species"
4:06:34 PM [ReGuess] but most bugs have 6 or more
4:06:14 PM [JWinslow23] Hm
4:06:09 PM [JWinslow23] Yup Razz
4:06:02 PM [ReGuess] Most fish have 0 legs
4:05:53 PM [JWinslow23] ReGuess: Yup, slightly less than two
4:05:42 PM [JWinslow23] But humans
4:05:41 PM [ReGuess] I'd say amputation is more common than mutation, so slightly less that two for humans alone
4:05:22 PM [Nik] Certainly more than 2 Razz
4:05:13 PM [Nik] JWinslow, what is the average number if legs between all species?
4:04:56 PM [JWinslow23] Nik: Razz
4:04:51 PM [Nik] Razz
4:04:49 PM [JWinslow23] What is the average number of human legs in the world?
4:04:47 PM [Nik] :And how much ballpoint pen ink you'd soend doing it
4:04:40 PM [JWinslow23] Think about it
4:04:33 PM [JWinslow23] Nik: Technically speaking, two legs is "too many legs"
So, I just misread a username as "too many legs", and we got into a discussion...

(Credit to JWinslow23) Two is too much for a human. Why? Well, how many people have more than two legs?
I think you get it.
However, if we take an average of the number of legs of all species... That's getting interesting. What about fish? Centipedes? That probably will be more than two, but I am not sure even on that.

So, guys, what do you think? Sounds like something to ask Randall Munroe, not? Very Happy
"Most fish have 0 legs"

I would like to continue this account.

SAX wrote:
5:17:03 PM [Nik] There are more microbes than anything
5:16:21 PM [Nik] 1 would probably be too much
5:16:14 PM [JWinslow23] Animal kingdom
5:16:12 PM [Nik] If microbes count, then the legs lost
5:15:41 PM [ReGuess] Or do microbes with pseudopods count
5:15:18 PM [ReGuess] Are we restricting it to the animal kingdom?
5:20:22 PM [ReGuess] If he has too many LEGOs AND too many legs, he probably also has too many nerve endings in his feet and not enough open floor space

Also, that would mean a lot of stepping on lego's!

Additionally (edit), I found this, which seems legit, but doesn't have any sources. Basically, it says the number of legs is like 0.1 Namely due to worms, though.
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