i would like to upload a program, but i want to protect it, and i dont know how to upload it
Why protect it? No one is going to steal it, and if they use it or edit it, they aren't going to publish it without your permission.
Hey, the easiest way to do this would be to go to this sites SoureCoder then upload the file to it. Right below all the tabs and next to the program name, you should see something that says 'Unlocked' (in green text) click on it until it says 'Locked' (in red text). Now click on 'export' (you may have to save the program first, you could also click on 'export project' but that's a little more complex since you need to give the project a name) and download it to your computer. Congrats, you now have a protected program on your computer!

Please note that 'protecting' your program only prevents it from being edited on the calculator. That is easily changeable by anyone at any time, (I think Doors 7 allows a user to change if a program is locked or unlocked)

As for uploading, you need to first make a ReadMe.txt, this should explain how to use your program and an due credits. Next you need to put your ReadMe.txt and your program(s) all into a .zip file. That .zip file is what you will upload. Here is the link to upload a file here (it's also found near the bottom of the 'downloads' section).
Also, locking a program won't do much anyway. Someone could easily download a shell onto their calcultor like Cesium, and unlock the program from there. Also as mentioned above, nobody can upload a program that has already been uploaded. That's why when you request an upload, it has to be checked for plagiarism, correct formats, etc.
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