I used ArenaHelper earlier for Server War and created an event/round. At the close of the match, I did /pvp event end and received the text "Event at Glacial Heights has ended."

Later on, during demolition of the old structure on my plot, one of my townmates died in an explosion and ArenaHelper displayed its custom kill message that it displays in chat to make it easy to see who gets the kill point. This meant that the plugin was still active for the area, despite the event having been ended.

I then attempted to repeatedly issue the command /pvp event end and repeatedly got the specified event ending message rather than "event does not exist" indicating that the plugin is failing to actually delete an existing event. Attempting to run /pvp round end yields an internal error.

These issues were not there in 1.11, so I believe that there are some compatibility issues that need correcting for 1.12. Commandblockguy has been notified. I recommend we remove the plugin until this issue is resolved.
I think this issue is probably caused by either a deprecated method in Bukkit 1.12 or a change from Java 1.7 to 1.8 that accompanied the Minecraft update. I would also recommend that the plugin be removed temporarily. The plugin was written very quickly and it needs a total rewrite which I will probably do this some time this week as the plugin is not used frequently.
The keepInventory is also overpowered as there is not a max time limit for the event. I will add a command that turns keepInventory and/or the teleport on which uses a permission node so that optionally a moderator needs to run it. That shouldn't be a problem as so far ACag who is now a moderator has participated in every event using the plugin.
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