Before creating a topic for your Website Suggestion, please check the other topics here for an idea that may be identical. If you find one, you are encouraged to post in that topic. Identical Suggestions will be locked and discussion referred to the most active topic. If you find a topic that's similar but not quite the same, create a new topic. Link to the old topic and tell us why your suggestion is different.

When posting your suggestion
  • Use a short and sweet topic title
    • This makes it easy for others to find later
  • Be sure to explain your idea in the message body. Just because you know what you mean, other users may not.
    • Why is this better than what's there now?
    • If you're suggesting a brand new idea - rather than a change - how will this suggestion function or work?
    • If you're up for it, create examples to share.

Now that your suggestion is posted, now what?
Be patient. A suggestion will be heavily considered once two admins post approval in the topic; ideally admins will only approve suggestions that they themselves are capable of accomplishing.
If an Admin makes their own suggestion topic, two other admins must approve - Admins can't approve their own suggestion.

Posting in other suggestion topics
Do it! You are encouraged to express your approval or disapproval of other users suggestions.

Where are the currently approved suggestions?
In the post directly below this, we'll list off suggestions with links to the topics. That way both Admins and members can see what features and changes are being discussed.
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