post your big milestone posts here Very Happy

this is my 2000th.
Congratulations on your 2000th post! I think I might be coming up on a milestone soon as well.
KermMartian wrote:
Congratulations on your 2000th post! I think I might be coming up on a milestone soon as well.

you've already past 16384, I dont see anything huge coming up....

between the major calculator websites and my own site (not counting or posts lost to corrupted/hacked databases) I have accumulated 5684 posts
Ha! I have about 1,500 posts elsewhere, .... oh wait, that's less than you. Nvm. Very Happy
yeah true, my next big I guess would be at 4000 posts. I hope to be there soon also.
Yeah, I'm still working towards the 4,000 post title

altough I could just GIVE myself that title...hehe, but that would be cheating Smile

(altough I noticed I just recently broke the 100,000 words mark - I think your name should change colors or something based on word count, that would be so sweet)

EDIT: Hmm... edits don't add to the word count?
Correct, they do not. I've noticed that topic titles / subjects at to wordcounts, though.
You should still totally do something cool for word counts though....
Agreed. Hmm, I just had an idea of what it could be... Very Happy
Ooh, please share Smile
yes, please do, might be cool to see.
I'm thinking a wordcount-to-maxwordcount meter underneath one's postcount bar. Smile
could be fun...

Kerm, would you mad if i adblocked the banners? Razz (i'm not really going to)
Laughing I wouldn't really mind, I get like 1/1000th of a penny per pageview anyway. Smile
so you get about... 1 cent from me every... 50 days or so.. not bad
And I get maybe... $0.005 from myself per day. Very Happy
Darn, I wish this topic had been created a little while ago. I just had my 1337 post two days ago Sad

Well, I guess my 100,000 word post will be coming up soon. Cool
Five posts ago, in fact. Happy 1337th post. Smile
Thanks. I wouldn't have even realized had it not been for this topic Very Happy
yeah, I shot past that and kept going really. Oh well. I need to start working on my word count though, most people have a higher one than I do, which just won't do (being I am a top poster).
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