My dad gave me an extra phone to play with a few years ago. I almost never used it at that time. Last year, I jailbroke it to see what I could do with it. I've had no problems with it, but now, something's wrong. It involves the Appstore/iTunes. Every time I open it, it's supposed to go to the Featured tab, but now, it goes directly to the search tab. Nothing really wrong there (at least it used to always go to Features). When I go to the Featured and Top Charts, nothing ever loads. There isn't a loading bar either. And, when I search for anything in the search tab, it always says no results found. When I go to Purchased in the updates tab, i can see all the apps I've downloaded before, but when I open them, they don't load. It's never done this before, and I have tried different networks, some faster, some slower, but nothing works. I've rebooted it, restarted it, resprung Springboard and shut it down for a whole night. Any ideas?

Device specifications:
Device: iPhone 4
Operating System: iOS 7.1.2 (can't update it further)

This is just a phone I play with, so please don't tell me to get a new phone because I already have another one. I also want to avoid having to reinstall everything after a memory wipe, and re-jailbreak it, because that's really annoying, and I've already had to do that twice.
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