Before the pandemic caused prices to go haywire, Game Boy modding was a great fun time, and pretty rewarding for what you would get out of it. And then when I had some bright ideas, and a bit of free time, I managed to make a GBA Arcade Stick that I am still super proud of.

A bit of a family photo, not all of the systems I have modded but a fair few.
A restored and painted Game Boy Light, a "skeleton" Game Boy Pocket
An ice-blue front with gold back Pocket and a backlight, a glow in the dark green and pink Pocket with backlight
A airbrushed Original Game Boy with backlight and two part buttons, glow in the dark Game Boy with backlight, an original black Game Boy with metal buttons and backlight.
A GBA in a metal shell with a replacement backlit screen, a glow in the dark GBA with white buttons and replacement screen along with clicky shoulder button mods.
A repainted Game Boy Micro

This is the result of me taking the frontlight from an original Nintendo DS and putting it in a Game Boy Color, the results worked great!

And this.. this is the GBA Arcade Stick

This album is my magnum opus of modding
It was a mess of wires, soldering, and learning a whole lot about the GBA SP at the time. But honestly it was an experience worthwhile. I learned a whole bunch, and honestly the thing still gets used to this day. Truly a fun Game Boy to play, even for slower stuff like RPGs and the like.
This is awesome, especially the arcade stick with the GBA SP screen. Also I always liked to see backlight mods on handhelds, especially the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance. This is the kind of project I would probably be unable to work with as my meds sometimes cause slight tremors and I am clumsy to begin with. You're more likely to see me on TV news about an apartment fire than seeing me posting a DYI hardware mod if I use a soldering iron. Razz
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