From what I recall (on irc and SAX) this conversation popped up (or something like it), and he explained that he was not very good at sprite design (I object, the loon sprite is excellent) and didn't actually make the explosion sprite(s).
TheLastMillennial wrote:
Do you plan to update 20,000 loons under the sea?

I originally planned on updating 2K LUtS to include those weapons but I'm just not feeling up to it. I intend on making a better game of this genre eventually.

Switchblade wrote:
Your explosion graphics are incredible! How many different sprites do you use in the explosion for Looner Lander?

10 sprites arranged on a sprite sheet in the source. The explosion graphic is the same as the one for Land Loons, which was pulled from a Google Image search then modified to better fit the calculator in terms of both resolution and (compressed) image size.

I forgot exactly who it was who suggested making Loonar Landers better but his name reminded me of pies.

Anyway. I upgraded it to have an actual title screen menu, difficulty levels, and high score saving along with a few tweaks and optimizations in the game play in an overall (slightly) smaller package. As it turns out, I could use Irfanview to further reduce the colors in the explosion sprite sheet so it could compress better without significantly reducing the quality of the graphics. Since the contest is over, I decided to post source and a release to GitHub. The Cemetech archives will be updated as soon as it is accepted.

Animated graphic of the improved post-contest Loonar Landers.

Note: Switch the game's difficulty to "Hard" if you want an experience similar to v0.1
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