As I'm sure you know, 2018 is long over, and so the poll for the Projects of the Year 2018 has also finished! We know it's been a while, but we are finally here to share the results!

5th Place goes to:
  • TheLastMillennial, who created Advanced Brightness Utility! This program allows you to darken and brighten your calculator screen beyond what the OS allows you to.
  • Michael2_3B, who created BasicNote CE! This text-editor, programmed completely in TI-Basic, allows you to write and store notes directly on your calculator and comes with many helpful text-editor features.
  • Ryadel, who created the Arcade Bartop Machine DIY tutorial using Raspberry Pi! This is a full, professional tutorial on how to make your own arcade machine for all the DIYers and hardware and arcading enthusiasts.
  • 123outerme, who created Gateway to Legend, which is an incredible open-source puzzle-RPG for the PC.

4th Place goes to 3 different authors:
  • _iPhoenix_, who created The Button! This is a king-of-the-hill style browser game where you compete for ownership of the button.
  • Xeda112358, who created Grammer 2! It is a new programming language for the monochrome calculator, which offers you more control over the calculator and has many features.
  • commandblockguy, who created Mahjong CE! For anyone who played the original computer game, this is a fun recreation of it where you must strategically find and match tiles together on a 3d stack.

3rd Place goes to:
  • jonbush, who created FlowCE! This is a recreation of the popular mobile puzzle game Flow, where you connect dots together.
  • BoomBrush, who created the TI-84 turned into 3G mobile phone! This is an incredible accomplishment and we recommend you check it out.
  • ckosmic, who created Chip-84! This is a Chip-8 interpreter for the TI-84+ CE. It has all the opcodes that chip-8 supports along with a very cool UI.
  • _iPhoenix_, who created Attack of the Snails! In this game you must run from human-eating snails, but you get more points the closer to danger you are.

2nd Place goes to MateoConLechuga, who has tackled the problem of TI84+ CE USB interfacing! This is an incredibly useful library that allows C and Assembly programs to interface with devices and flash drives over USB!

We are proud of all the projects and their authors that competed in the poll, and although they were all quite outstanding, it seems one of the projects blew everything else out of the water. So without further ado,

1st Place, our grand prize winner for the Project of the Year 2018, is TI-Boy CE by calc84maniac! This project garnered an entire 17 votes, making up 54% of the total votes in the poll, while the rest of the votes were pretty spread out. We are super proud of calc84maniac, as he has finished this remarkable Gameboy emulator for the CE. TI-Boy can run many different Gameboy games right on your TI-84+ CE, which is really impressive. Go and take a look, if you haven't already!

Congratulations to everyone who competed this year!
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