Facebook gladly notified me that mr womp womp turns 19 today, so I will say it here as well:
Happy birthday! Smile

Happy birthday mr womp womp!
Happy Birthday, mr womp womp!!! Very Happy
Happy birthday!

If you see this on your birthday, get out and do something fun!
Happy birthday! Very Happy
Happy Birthday mr womp womp! <3 ;D
Oh gosh, I almost missed this topic going by!
Thank you all so much, y'all are great, hopefully I'll stick around for many more birthdays to come Smile
Happy birthday, womp!
Merry Birthday Anniversary, Womp!
Happy birthday! Very Happy
Happy birthday! have some cake!
I'll let my calculator say the well wishes...

Happy birthday mrwompwomp!
Merry birthday!
A pleasant anniversary of your expulsion from the womb.
Thanks everyone for the well wishes! Very Happy
Congratulations on living through the anniversary of your creation birth.
Happy birthday mr womp womp! I hope you have a… prototype…ful… day!
Happy birthday! Did you get any protos for it?
Happy new Sol-revolution! Hope there's truthful cake! Very Happy
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