This rpg is the best game I have ever seen for a calculator. It is extremely engaging, and pretty difficult. Even with almost impossible contrast problems on my TI 86, I still (attempt) to play it. Currently I am at a stalemate though - I used up all my healing herbs before I destroyed three big monsters Razz I would majorly recommend it.

However, most people don't own TI 86s. I think that, if there are any really good asm programmers who want to, they should remake it to the TI 83+. I am working on remaking some 86 games to the 83+, but this one is way too complicated. Here is the link to the source.

I would even recommend trying this game on an emulator. Very Happy
This sounds really good. Maybe I'll port it to the color calcs when I get better at ez80 asm. Smile
that would be really cool, but a huge undertaking Razz Very Happy
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