I have been given the project of designing software for the Ti-84 to output Own signals. This requires the calculator to output 5v and pulse it. I can make the code in assembly to do all the rest but after hours and hours of looking, I am still unable to find the correct way to configure the hardware programmatically to output 5v on the bus line. I have tried reverse engineering the OS and USB8x and have found many commands that seem to be correlated with outputting this including the gpio ports and USB controller ports but have never gotten it to successfully work! Any suggestions or solutions?
Assuming this is what you want:
The problem is that you also need to put the calculator into USB host mode in order to make it actually deliver power. This was a semi-solved problem on the TI-84 Plus calculators (see MSD8x and GPS for Graphing Calculators), but to my knowledge hasn't been solved on the TI-84 Plus CE yet. I'm sure MateoC can help.
Is there a possibility to utilise the 2.5mm linkport to achieve this instead? This is still present on the CSE and is much easier to work with ... it wont be able to power a peripheral for you however, but you can signal etc.
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