Seems as if they are basically porting the fx-CP400 3D graphing functionality.
I did not read anything regarding touch, so this is nothing like the HP Prime.
I notice that they talk a lot about how the case is more rectangular; it sounds like they're trying to turn the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition of the Prizm into a TI-84+CE. I hope that you're wrong about the lack of add-ins, but unfortunately I suspect that if that is the case, the community won't be sufficiently motivated to convince Casio to reverse that decision.

Thank you for sharing this with us!
I bet the 3D graphing functionality will be disabled in exam mode. IIRC, in some countries 3D graphing is explicitly in the list of features a calc must not have to be accepted in certain exams (it would be good if someone could give a concrete example, because I'm sure I read this somewhere but I don't remember what country it was).

In terms of new features, that press release only talks about the 3D graphing abilities and the different case, an "improved catalog function" (I wonder if all they did was bring back the Help function available in some fx-9860G models?), and a new case.
So we still know nothing about:
- CPU / RAM (although, and like I mentioned in a different thread, I too believe they'll keep using the SH7305; maybe they'll increase the RAM to 4 MB or more? I guess the 3D graphing functions will have higher memory requirements)
- Storage capacity and connectivity (now that the rest of the world is already moving to USB Type C, are they finally going to switch to a microUSB connector? Very Happy)
- Screen resolution, and whether it will be touch-enabled (my guess is it won't have a touchscreen)
- UI/UX changes (not expecting many if at all, especially because that's the kind of stuff you can turn into marketing speak and put in that initial press release, but there's no mention of it, so...)
- Program add-in support (likely gone, or reduced to "faux add-ins" that merely enable functionality already compiled in the core of the OS, much like the Conversion add-in of the fx-CG 10/20)
- Language add-in support\0

MSRP of $99.99... isn't this cheaper than the fx-CG 10 at launch? Here the current Prizm model goes for 150€ or more, in physical stores at least (it can be bought online for about 100€ now I think, but it's been many years since the release), but I don't know how it is/was in the US.

I'm also slightly annoyed that they decided to use the "Prizm" marketing name for this new calc, because when it comes to add-in support at least, it will likely have big differences, which means all the references to the "Prizm" we have been making throughout the years are going to cause much confusion to newcomers. Oh well... just like the Nintendo Switch here's another product announcement that doesn't excite me. Must be of the time of the year.
If the new operating system does not support add-ins it will be a disaster for Casio. On the off chance that anyone from Casio is reading this please keep support for add-ins.
ProgrammerNerd wrote:
If the new operating system does not support add-ins it will be a disaster for Casio. On the off chance that anyone from Casio is reading this please keep support for add-ins.
i totally agree and hope that the 3-pin port remains too
I wish they would have at least improved the speed of the drawing commands in the BASIC interpreter. If this calculator lacks third-party add-in support like the ClassPad II did, then this leaves little to no room for community development, as only ASCII-art-based games or games made entirely of pre-drawn pictures will run at good speed.
gbl08ma wrote:
MSRP of $99.99... isn't this cheaper than the fx-CG 10 at launch?

Yes. I think the MSRP in the USA was 129.99$ or so.
Casio Education Tweeted: We're on the road! See where Casio will be in 2017- starting with the Region 4 conference on 1/21 in Houston, TX.

Hopefully pictures and more details will be available in a week latest
There is a video showing the new rectangular design of the fx-CG50:
TeamFX wrote:
There is a video showing the new rectangular design of the fx-CG50:

Well, at least it looks like that screen won't be getting scratches super quickly like the current Prizm screen Very Happy
What about the "more squared" design:

Edit: this was a photoshop troll, in case you hadn't noticed Razz

(rehosted on imgur just in case)
If they keep clocking the SH7305 at higher and higher frequencies... do you think they are increasing the power requirements (Prizm, now with 8 AAA or 4 C cells Wink - would explain the "more squared" design...), reducing the battery life, dynamically changing the CPU speed, or, most interestingly, Renesas switched to a different fabrication process with smaller feature sizes?

Does anyone know, or can make educated guesses about, what is the feature size of the SH7305 on the fx-CG 10/20? It would be interesting to add that info to the wiki...
Thanks for sharing that, Amazonka! I think we have enough information to begin frontpage newsing this without hyping something we have insufficient detail about now. Smile I do hope we'll learn more about the new calculator's math features soon, though.

Edit: Also, they have definitely taken a generous spoonful of inspiration from the TI-84 Plus CE school of design.
This link has more details - you can google translate from German

I wonder if C-LAB devices will utilise 3-pin connection or something else

I was positively surprised how similar it looks to Casio FX-991EX

However I don't see ClassWiz shortcut for QR generation above OPTN (shift OPTN) button ;-(

I attach comparison image I created - my guess is the new calculator is 84mm wide and 178mm tall. Display might have no border of six or so pixels we have on current prizm or it will be covered by casing. Normal display area seems of the same resolution but smaller physical size.

Area above display indicates there might still be 3-pin connection there on the top and probably review mode led and possible charging port...
Hm, what an odd design. Looks indeed like a scientific calc on which they added a color LCD.
I noticed a few changes on the keyboard:
[a b/c] key changed
[F<->D] key changed
[EXP] key changed

I thought F<->D means Fraction<->Decimal but what does S<->D mean?
Could be Symbol<->Decimal now that there are things like "3pi" or "sqrt(2)" as a result.

And where do they want to place the text "MODE EXAMEN"? No fx-CG50 exam LED models planned?
Seriously, compare this with the fx-CP400+E:
Or the Graph 25+E/35+E/75+E:
Ah, of course. Casio might be stuck in a "redirect loop".

The Prizm isn't selling well in France (we know it's in part because it doesn't comply with the exam regulations).
Because the Prizm isn't selling well in France, Casio isn't going to bother with the French market, and thus will not make the fx-CG 50 comply with their rules for exam admissibility.
The Prizm isn't selling well in France (because... duh).
It's still possible that mode examen text will fit in the top area between casio and fx-cg50 writings

Or because it is completely new model number they will not need to add that text as they did for older modelss' +E subversions

I think this calculator will be compliant with french regs and will have led for the same too.
More pics from DynaTech:

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