Cemetech has persisted over seventeen years of growth and evolution as a community driven very much by its members. Although many of our administrative staff have now been with the website for well over a decade, we feel we've been able to stay relevant by promoting promising young members from within our ranks. Great examples include geekboy1011, who simultaneously gained prestige and responsibilities here and on Omnimaga. Relative newcomer jonbush was promoted to Contest Coordinator after taking the initiative on coming up with some great contests as a member (and distinguishing himself as a community liason and teacher at TI-BASIC Developer). The list continues, but the takeaway is that we want to continue to encourage members to make Cemetech their own. We want you to make constructive suggestions that can help us improve the site and keep it relevant to today's young programmers, hackers, DIYers, Makers, inventors, and engineers, and we want you to take action to do what needs to be done to help other Cemetech members.

In recognition of his superb adherence to that ideal, we're proud to announce that Peter "PT_" Tillema has been promoted to a Global Moderator at Cemetech. This past February, PT_ was promoted to moderator of three subforums, and since then he has continued his excellent work as a moderator and as a programmer. Besides helping to keep the order on SAX and on the forum, he has been working very hard on the ICE compiler, which some have called the Axe of the TI-84 Plus CE. It is a TI-BASIC like programming language that lets you write faster, more powerful, more graphical programs and games without learning much beyond what TI-BASIC requires. Finally, PT_ has been a friendly, encouraging presence in advising other members and pushing them to complete their projects. As a global moderator, PT_ will be responsible for keeping the peace across the forum, especially when our US staff is asleep or unavailable. We look forward to working with him, and hope you'll join us in congratulating PT_!

Congratulations PT_!!!!! You absolutely deserve it!!!!!!!! \(^-^)/
Glad to have you aboard!
Nice work! You have done a fantastic job Smile
Congratulations, PT_! I hope you enjoy the position. Woohoo!
Congratz PT_! Your continued support of other members and hard work on the programming side is now paying off!
#HeModeratedWhenNooneElseWould (when other moderators were sleeping Razz)
Congrats PT_ ! Smile
Good Job PT_! You earned it!
Thanks guys Smile On the other side, this means I have a larger banhammer...

PT_ wrote:
Thanks guys Smile On the other side, this means I have a larger banhammer...

oooo shinyyy! Too bad you don't get to wield it very often given the relatively low amount of bans on this forum Razz
Happy moderating!
Congrats, PT_!
Congratulations, PT_!
Congratulations on your Christmas gift, looks like you'll have enough to play around with. About 17,000 members, to be exact! Razz
EDIT: There, I found a suitable picture for you! Razz http://i.imgur.com/kR7B53m.jpg
Congratulations, PT_!
Very Happy
Congrats, Pt_! You REALLY deserve it!
Congrats PT_!
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