He has this

Rivereye Studios This is a slowly growing site that has games and programs for the TI-83+

Just for your info =D
alright, /me really needs to get some more stuff on the site, but has no ideas.
Well, what's something unique that nobody else has, or something with a feature your site beats all others at? That's your hook.
and that is what I am trying to get. On to the think tank.
Yup, good luck with that. Well, can you think of any specific stuff you have been wanting to add but never got around to? Or a neat idea you had that hasn't yet come to fruition?
just getting around to building my CMS. Now with the new php books I just got, this should be a little better.
well i shutdown my site for a while for major renovation. i am going to make it have a text based game where you raise a village and the game is going to be programmed in php wich should not be too hard. and then if i ever get enough people playing it i am going to make a graphical game based on it and try to put it on site. the only problem is i do not know what i should program the graphics in. but i will just have to cross that bridge when i get there.
Well, you can use standard HTML generated by PHP with img tags, like a tilemapping type of thing, or you can use a PHP-generated image, which is a bit more challenging.
when i said graphical i meant sprites and such.
Well after about three or four months i have finally reuploaded my site. It can be foundhere. Once i finish the last two chapters in my java book i am going to read my php book so that i can make the register form work and add some extra features to the site.
Looks much better without all the frivolous graphics. I definitely suggest that you make the text in the header and menu lighter, though - I could barely read it on my CRT.
Will do. Oh and if anyone has a program that they want to go into the archives than tell me where i can get it and i will upload it.

Edit: I need more links if you know any please suggest them with a description of the site.
detached solutions
er... hmm.. Get some links to tutorials too.
I added those three sites. Later on i will add bgo and some other online tutorials.
is my favorite 'learn the basics' tutorial out there, and gets you ready for bgo.netfirms , as I find bgo sort of jumps into things...
I now started my php book so in about a week i will start writing the script for making the register form work.
I have not really made any progress on my site but I did use javascript to write a clock that i will be adding shortly. I will post the code so that other people who wish to use it may.


now = new Date();
hours = now.getHours();
mins = now.getMinutes();
if (hours > 12){
hours = hours - 12;
aorp = "p.m.";
aorp = "a.m.";
document.write(hours + ":" + mins + " " +aorp);
I forget... does Javascript allow single-lined blocks (with no brackets)? If so,

aorp = "a.m.";
haveacalc wrote:
I forget... does Javascript allow single-lined blocks (with no brackets)? If so,

aorp = "a.m.";

But even if it does allow that, is there any reason to?

@laffer: Learn to love the indent. Whitespace is your friend
Yes it does.


function Year(){var Time=new Date(); return Time.getFullYear()}
function Month(){var Time=new Date(); return Time.getMonth()}
function Day(){var Time=new Date(); return Time.getDate()}
function Hour(){var Time=new Date(); return Time.getHours()}
function Minute(){var Time=new Date(); return Time.getMinutes()}
function Second(){var Time=new Date(); return Time.getSeconds()}
function Millisec(){var Time=new Date(); return Time.getMilliseconds()}
function theTime(){return Hour()+":"+Minute()+":"+Second()}
function theDate(){return Month()+"/"+Day()+"/"+Year()}

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