Pokemon + add-in is functional and very Casio OS looking interface to view and calculate evolution of your Pokemon for Casio Prizm/FX-CG calculators.

It's current functionality in 3 different languages (English, German and French) is:
* display Pokedex with numbers and localised names,
* view types, required eggs, candies or legendary attribute,
* record your CP and HP values,
* display maximum and evolvable ranges of CP and HP both from and to your Pokemon (i.e. reverse and not).

I kept everything as close to Casio's OS style as I could making navigation intuitive but a few key shortcuts worth mentioning:
F1 (once you entered your pokemon view) - toggles between CP and HP display;
UP/DOWN (once you entered your pokemon view) - increases/decreases Pokemon value by 1;
PLUS/MINUS (once you entered your pokemon view) - increases/decreases Pokemon value by 10;
MULTIPLY/DIVIDE (once you entered your pokemon view) - increases/decreases Pokemon value by 100;
DEL/UNDO - toggles between minimum (Pokemon shade view) and medium of the range value of your Pokemon.

"Egg #0" at the end of the Pokedex does not do much yet - but keying DEL/UNDO while it's selected resets CP and HP of all Pokemon to their mid ranges instead of your saved values.

Setting CP or HP to lowest acceptable value of 10 will make the Pokemon appear as the shadow in the add-in.

I will post more updates as they come along and welcome your comments.

PS: MAIN MENU writing replaced with POKEDEX on the snapshots above was achieved through my other upload - g3l language add-in template if you fancy hex editing.
Download link added to my signature below.

Have fun playing and leave your feedback.

I wonder what features I should consider adding...

Maybe single player feature of capturing random pokemon... Or some more elaborate idea to make it more interesting...

Or multiplayer version using 3-pin cable to battle etc... Using unique id of each calculator to somehow verify transfers of pokemon between players or issue rewards for each 2-player battle...

Anything else to take it beyond evolution and pokedex interface
It seems to be awesome!

It includes third and newer generation pokemons?

It is sad not to have prizm for testing it.
This is really superb work, amazonka. Since I've been playing Pokemon Go, I'm tempted to pull out my Prizm and install it as reference material as I play. Out of curiosity, what made you decide to call it "Pokemon Plus" instead of something like "Pokedex Plus", since it is not a game, per se? Could inquiring minds try to convince you to rename it to avoid confusion and disappointment? Smile
I'm thinking about adding gaming element as well - so that people without suitable data plans and/or not allowed mobiles or handheld console can play the game too. And given how much space Pokemon sprites occupy I think it should be within same add-in.
So that's why I thought of that name being more all encompassing. And the "plus" just made it more appropriate for being a calculator add-in as well as easier of needing no translation as there is localisation of names etc in the add-in too.

I wonder what you and others think of the single and multiplayer ideas I posted a few posts above? Any suggestion will be much appreciated as I have never played any previous Pokemon games before.

In meantime I will try to add IV calculations as well and maybe voltage and time display similarly to my G-PLUS or G-SHOCK add-ins.

IV shall be important for battling mode for sure
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