As you've seen in the past, we try to do things at the end of the month if time allows for our mod and admin team to set it up, to let our player base have access to a specific world, or to raid a mansion in a certain amount of time. I'm going to pin/sticky this post up so we can leave our announcements of what we are doing here. And if the event is any more specific than a random Nether/End/Mansion raid event, we'll link from here to the specific topic that is advertising that event.

The events listed here we want to remain for the mods/admins to host, so the ones that Acag or other players host will have their own topics for discussion, please. Smile

The next scheduled event is set for September 30 and October 1. We will be holding an End abba event, no boundaries. We will announce in the Discord server when the End abba goes live, so make sure you're connected there to keep an eye out for that announcement!

For the following month, we will be hosting a Halloween themed mansion event, being built by me. That event is tentatively scheduled for October 28-29, times yet to be announced. More information on this event will be released in time.

Hello everyone! This weekend is our end of the month event, and as posted in the previous message, we're having an End abba world for you all to fully explore! No world borders! No safety nets above the void! How exciting does that sound?!

Yeah, it's going to be dangerous. So don't die. Wink

This event starts at 8:00 PM EST tonight (9/29) and runs through Sunday at 8:00 PM EST (10/1).

Be sure you only take gear you are willing to lose.

As you can see from the above image, I've opened 4 portals out to the outer islands. Ender pearls are included with the portals, please make sure to only take a few to get you through the portal.

This event so far has been fairly fruitful. People are stocking up on Elytras to have on hands (or to sell for people who might have missed).

I myself am closing in on 30 found so far. With no borders, just find a direction and go, you will find your own cities and ships to loot your own. Just remember your Ender Chests.
The event is really fun and exciting.

I got something like 8 elytra in an hour and a half, so it’s EXTREMELY fruitful.
Just thought I'd share, the next end of month special event has been posted, here:
Looking to do a massive abba event in its own separate world at the end of this month, on the 28th around 12:00 PM EST, perhaps up to 2PM EST as a start time. Just looking to gather feedback if anyone is interested in this and if perhaps the times are okay?

Thoughts on this event:

- 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place victors, prizes being split 85%, 10%, and 5%
- Time limit varies based on the amount of players. If we have 5 or less show up, it runs 30 minutes. If we have 6-9 show up, 45 minutes. If 10 or more show up, we go a full hour.

As always, Iron un-enchanted armor is expected, whatever tooling you want to use is at your disposal (iron or diamond tooling), but must contain silk touch (obviously).
Tentatively that's a good weekend and a good time, but the Saturday (the 27th) would be better than the Sunday (the 28th) for me personally. I'm more than happy to bow to general consensus for Sunday, of course.
Sundays usually work better for me (unless I decide to watch Football, but that weekend only has the Pro Bowl, so no big deal). If we do Saturday, I would prefer an evening run.
I'm afraid I lied - Sunday the 28th actually is looking like the better day for me right now!

It's almost time! Depending on tifreak's timing, the event should be starting within the next hour or so. Feel free to join!
Hey guys, that time again! I've brought back the Mesa + Desert + Ocean world for you builders that want to stock up on items to make concrete or terracotta designs. The ocean is full of gravel, and there are more than 1 desert to ransack. So feel free to have at it!

This mesa map will be up until Saturday, March 3rd, sometime in the evening.

You can find the portal to it off the east path.
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