It's really hard to preview particular effects, as it takes 20 minutes to 2 hours for a proper rendering if torches are enabled. I may play around with it a bit once I finish rendering Little's base. Buildings can look OK after 10 minutes or so if torches are turned off, which gives me an opportunity to do some testing.

Finished rendering Little's base
At first I tried enabling torch light, but it ran for too long and had a lot of noise:

This is the "final" version, with torches disabled
Also, note the DoF:

Here's Turq's base:

TI's base:
Michael2_3B's base
I like the way the DoF came out on this one, and the leftmost building turned out very well.

I tried to add a tilt effect:

Ivoahs's Catacombs
This showcases the maddening effects of claustrophobic spaces
Seen through the eyes of a player driven mad by the endless wandering...
Thanks to Commandblockguy for introducing me to this Minecraft rendering software. I've been playing around Spawn and came up with a banner. I have plans to make this a bit better but thought I'd share my current progress.

I fell into the void and lost all of my items, including 21 shulker shells, a dragon head, 2 elytra, an unobtainable bow, and half a stack of redstone blocks ( while preparing this shot. My elytra gave out because of the flying around I've been doing while preparing these.
You better enjoy them Razz

Wow, that looks really good. Worth the lost items!
It will be remembered!
Took some pictures around Kerm's place.

Nice, Michael! I how you captured me concentrating closely on the problem of constructing stairs.

Command, those look really great; thank you for also pushing me to try Chunky for the first time (see Geopipe's relevant tweet). I'm sorry to hear you lost such valuable items getting those End renders!
Did quite a bit of organizing today.

I demand you have two more chests: another for Ice and a third for a Baby. :ninja:

GregAStar constructed a rather detailed statue of my Minecraft avatar! It's now done and I moved it to just outside the South Rails station. I built a platform and added a sign thanking him for his effort and to encourage selfies. I'll likely build a platform for him to stand on in a few days.

Thanks again Greg! Smile

I took a selfie with the shrine of Comic!
On my quest to die 1000 times, I got exploded.

(Thanks to Michael2_3b for the screenies)
I did a panorama!

Everything looks way closer together than I thought! Everything is within a 4km by 4km border. Mountains in particular seem really tiny.

Posted this to /r/Minecraft here. If for some reason anyone doesn't want me to show their builds, I will remove it.
How did you make that?
That looks absolutely incredible commandblockguy! Thanks for posting!

And _iPhoenix_: He manually set his render distance really high, and I assume he stitched a few screenshots together. I'm curious though, command, was this using your camera account? Because you don't appear to be standing on top of anything.
How did you make that?

He manually set his render distance really high, and I assume he stitched a few screenshots together.

Actually, I used a tool called Chunky.
I have not used my camera account yet (need to find the password), but Chunky lets you shift your position out of body. It can't be used as an X-Ray tool, though, as it just shows a stone texture if you are underground.
Chunky is extremely resource intensive (12GB RAM allocated, 60% CPU, 6 cores = an hour and a half for that image) (blame the JVM) and quite hard to set up. It actually traces light rays (with the CPU, for some reason) and works like an actual camera, and you can apply camera effects like depth of field plus lots of other things I have no idea how to use.

I did take a few screenshots with a insanely high render distance, but my GPU couldn't handle it.

I think I might post the render to /r/Minecraft if everyone is OK with their builds being shown off.
Took some screenshots of my own. Might try it again to see if I can get more chunks in the shot.

And over at commands base:

I did a render of the view from a mountain near my base:

For comparison, here is a default vanilla screenshot with the server-imposed render distance of 10:

Unfortunately, I took it at night so it's less accurate.
Michael also took the same screenshot with a higher render distance above (as I am taking a insane amount of time to write this post)
If I made a client rendering mod that rendered some additional chunks using a cache and also stored a panorama of the view from each chunk (client side, of course) showing what was actually out there and rendered it, making fake land beyond the horizon, would it be allowed?

so, i got attacked by a zombie... inside my house... it proceeded to kill me, steal all my gear, and kill me over and over until OldNewTimer saved me (I <3 OldNewTimer rn, 0x5)
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