2.55 MP

Okay so I know that Celtic III has this command, "ONBLOCK", det(34, that prevents ON key presses from registering. So I added it to the beginning of my program. I've discovered that it does not work very well, but it works perfect during a Pause command. Anyway, I opened a DCS gui stack with a large window, a few buttons, some text, and a mouse. But it got strange. When the GUIMouse routine is called, it uses ON to turn off the calculator. Since I did det(34, I believe that DCS was going wild with checking the interupt port and the following happened during multiple different test runs while debugging:
  • GUI Rendered, ERR: BRK without a key press
  • Calc turned off
  • A bunch of RAM clears
  • Program execution just plain ending

I was thinking maybe det(34 wasn't documented in the DCS wiki for a reason.
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