Standard battle stats like HP, speed, etc. Evolutions, alternate forms, base move set, maybe some more depending on how much room I've got.
More progress!
Look at how amazing that looks. Look at it!

Awesome work, sir! What do you feel is left to add? Smile
There's still some navigational stuff to add (like "goto" and "search"), as well as displaying evolutions and alternative forms.
merthsoft wrote:
Today's update:

Looking great! Are you going to include the animations in the zoomed in window? (they do have animations right? I'm not just crazy) Also, where did you get all of the sprites?
EDIT: found it:
Looks very nice and polished merth!
*bump* How's this project going? Did you get a chance to complete it?
This looks great!... but I don't know how to download it... I just see a file with a bunch of documents. Sad

Edit: Btw, I know you haven't posted a while on progress. Did you drop the project? I really hope you can jump back onto it soon or release a beta. Smile
How much space does it take up? it seems to have a lot of sprites.
Can you post a compiled version? I would love to have it compiled for me and everyone else.
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