First: sorry if this is in the wrong spot. I am new to this site and I didn't know where the heck to put this post after a good 10 minutes of looking.

For reference, this is my file tree

tasm, binpac8x, etc.

I am new to z80 programming, and I am trying to get my first program assembled and converted into 8xp. I started with my code, first.z80 (yes, this is copied from McLaughlin's tutorial):


#include ""
#define    ProgStart    $9D95
.org    ProgStart - 2
    .db    t2ByteTok, tAsmCmp
    ld    hl, 0
    ld    (PenCol), hl
    ld    hl, msg
    b_call(_PutS)            ; Display the text

    .db "Hello world!", 0

Using tasm -80 -i -b d:\asm\source\first.z80 d:\asm\exec\first.bin, I created a first.bin in my exec folder. However, when I ran "python ..\Exec\first.bin" from the Tasm folder, it created "first.bin.bin" in my exec folder rather than "first.8xp"

Maybe this was supposed to happen, but I couldn't find any occurrences of it on the forum. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Hi Racerdude and welcome to the forums. This most likely could have been raised under the 'z80 & ez80 Assembly' sub-forum under the 'Programming & Design' section, I think an admin may relocate it.

It would also be worth seeing if the .bin.bin file is in-fact a .8XP file, you could try renaming and sending to your calc/emu. Though it is a little strange as it is meant to produce a .8XP by default.

Can I ask what OS you are using and if you are using a batch file etc or just typing the commands at a cprompt/shell?
I tried renaming it with an .8xp extension and opening it in wabbitemu, but it failed.

As far as OS, I am assuming you mean the calculator. I just have the default TI OS that came with the calculator (TI-84+ SE).

(And if you meant my computer OS, Windows 7 64-Bit)
I strongly suggest not using the instructions in ASM in 28 Days to set up an assembler; they're pretty out of date. One option if you don't want to install anything is to just write assembly programs in SourceCoder 3, because you can assemble and test z80 ASM programs directly in your browser. Another option would be to use the Doors CS 7 SDK, which despite the name makes any kind of ASM program. It includes Ben Ryves' Brass assembler and the scripts you need to use it.
Indeed Brass can assemble and link straight to an .8xp from a source file on its own.
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