Did a 'quick' video (25 minutes) showing off Pandemonium today. Here's the results.

Interesting template setup you have there, what one are you using? I'm using the default, personally, because the laptop starts to overheat too much trying to handle new skins :<

Will try to watch the video soon!
I'm using ovo's rustic redemption for a texturepack. The player skin I did myself and is supposed to be the character Vincent Valentine from final fantasy 7.
It jarred me a little at first, accustomed as I am to the default texturepack, but as I watched more of the video it seemed to suit Pandemonium well. Out of curiosity, have you thought about what you want your city/house/builds to look like on the 1.9 server? Do you think they'll have architectural features reminiscent of Pandemonium, especially if we start with the Nether accessible, which would save you the extreme effort you put towards getting all the material for Pandemonium?
Did a follow-up video showing the finalized pandemonium.

Looks good! Very Happy Do you plan on doing a 'let's play' style of videos when building in 1.9?
Not really, although I've bounced around the idea of doing let's plays before. Maybe on an individual build or something.
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