So, for the bug reporting system I am making on ClrHome, I have a script that process some databases (or in Omni's case, uses an API) to get a list of all projects that match the project name input. This list is a multidimensional array, where each item consists of a list, consisting of project name, author name, author email, and link (if applicable). The bug submission occurs in two steps.

1. User inputs project name, bug report "title", and project version.
2. Script searches all calc sites providing me some means of accessing information, and returns a 2-dimensional array, $projects, containing information for each matching project.
3. User selects correct project from a drop down list, provides a description of the issue, and their own email address (to be notified when issue resolved), and submits form.
4. information retrieved from $projects for selected project, bug added to ClrHome database, project author emailed.

The issue I am having is this. When a form is submitted and the page reloads, PHP variables are reset, including $projects. The steps I took to try to resolve this are:

1. Declare $projects as global. Didnt work because even global variables are reset at page load.
2. Save $projects to $_COOKIE. Gave an error regarding cannot save variable of this type.
3. Save $projects to $_SESSION. Returned same error as above.
4. Attempt to serialize $projects, save it, then unserialize it when form submitted. Gave an error regarding serializing type XMLObject.
5. Attempt to save $projects to a temporary XML file. Gave an error as to invalid data type.

I am completely stumped now and don't know how to solve this issue. Any help would be appreciated.
That sounds like storing it to a database or a temp text file. Or maybe you can rewrite $projects to save it in cookies/sessions.
Would you mind showing how you used a session to store a variable? I assume you set it up wrong.
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