I'm trying to get back into calculator development (yay). I'm trying to get into CE C. After getting my code not error when compiling, I get "FATAL ERROR (1053)" upon linking. Here is the relevant output and makefile:

C CE SDK Version 6.91
-FORMAT=INTEL32 -map -maxhexlen=64 -quiet -warnoverlap -xref -unresolved=fatal -sort ADDRESS=ascending -warn -NOdebug -NOigcase define __copy_code_to_ram = 0 range rom $000000 : $3FFFFF range ram $D00000 : $FFFFFF range bss $ : $ change code is ram change data is ram change text is ram change strsect is text define __low_bss = base of bss define __len_bss = length of bss define __heaptop = (highaddr of bss) define __heapbot = (top of bss)+1 define __stack = $ locate .header at $ locate .icon at (top of .header)+1 locate .launcher at (top of .icon)+1 locate .libs at (top of .launcher)+1 locate .graphx_header at (top of .libs)+1 locate .graphx at (top of .graphx_header)+1 locate .startup at (top of .graphx)+1 locate code at (top of .startup)+1 locate data at (top of code)+1 locate text at (top of data)+1 bin/TEST.hex = obj\ce3d.obj,obj\test.obj,obj\cstartup.obj,obj\libheader.obj,C:\CEdev\lib\std\ce\ctice.lib,C:\CEdev\lib\std\ce\cdebug.lib,C:\CEdev\lib\std\ce\cintce.lib,C:\CEdev\lib\std\ce\cusbce.lib,C:\CEdev\lib\std\chelp.lib,C:\CEdev\lib\std\crt.lib,C:\CEdev\lib\std\crt_linked.lib,C:\CEdev\lib\ce\graphx\graphx.lib,obj/graphx.obj

FATAL ERROR (1053) --> unrecognized command token.

Input File: TEST.hex
Output File: TEST.8xp
[err] Unable to open input file.
make: *** [bin/TEST.8xp] Error 1


#Change TARGET to specify the output program name
#Change DEBUGMODE to "DEBUG" in order to compile debug.h functions in, and "NDEBUG" to not compile debugging functions
#Change ARCHIVED to "YES" to mark the output as archived, and "NO" to not
#Change APPVAR to "YES" to create the file as an AppVar, otherwise "NO" for programs
#Change ICONPNG to change the name of the png file that should be made into the icon
#Change DESCRIPTION to modify what is displayed within a compatible shell (Not compiled in if icon is not present)

#ICONPNG := iconc.png
#DESCRIPTION ?= "C Toolchain Demo 0"

#Add shared library names to the L varible, for instance:
# L := graphx fileioc keypadc
L := graphx

#These directories specify where source and output should go

SRCDIR := src
OBJDIR := obj
BINDIR := bin
GFXDIR := src/gfx

#This changes the location of compiled output (Advanced)


#Use the (slower) OS embedded functions (Advanced)


include $(CEDEV)/bin/main_makefile

Is this an issue with the linker, is there something up with my makefile, or is this something else entirely?
Um you need to update your toolchain please. It's outdated. If you can build the first demo; it's something in how you are setting up. That's why the template is provided.
I downloaded the latest toolchain today https://github.com/CE-Programming/toolchain/releases

Did you not update the toolchain binaries on that page?

Yes I can build the first demo. I don't think it's with the setup though, but I'll check.

EDIT: It appears I actually need an icon. I'm sorry for the trouble.
Haha that's okay Razz I wouldn't be surprised if it was something silly I did in the past.
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