So, over the last few months, I've been noticing a bit of a disturbing trend, and I figured maybe if a post is made, some of us can come together and figure out where the problem may lie.

I have personally been subject of missing sugarcane plants on my plot, when checked by comic, they were never broken, they simply ceased to exist. This has happened in 1 of 3 blocks in my little farm. Not the biggest issue, but irritating none the less.

Later, we ran into issues while building the tower off spawn. where panes of glass and diorite blocks would be missing. Then when I built the benches, the next day, the sign had moved from the side of the stairs to infront of one of them, that was making the bench look like a bench.

The latest issues have been over the last 3 days.

I built a dark room mob spawner above my base, with a timer based on the two hoppers and pistons idea. So, 2 days ago, I was missing a sticky piston from one side. Yesterday, I was missing the redstone block that moves between the two pistons. Today, the missing redstone block just reappeared, which has baffled even comic.

I'm basically wanting to coordinate with a topic, to see if we can figure out what is going on with this problem. Is it a server glitch? A world glitch? Is MC being the dumbest?

Just hoping this isn't a precursor to a world corruption. :<

I guess it will be helpful to know what all mods we are rocking on the server, as well, so hopefully comic or Kerm could fill us in on that.
You can always do /plugins while in game I think.

This has been persistent throughout a few months. One member had lost about ~100 torches around their town, some redstone behind walls, etc etc. I applaud you for making a topic so we can track these events. I've become less surprised by missing blocks but I was really surprised the missing block came back, which is something that hasn't been reported before.

With the 100 torches, the server was still emitting light at their coordinates but they were not visually represented; the server did not display nor believe they were there but the light still persisted until something was built on that block. I forget who this was though and where.

Unrelatedly, I moved this from Servers & Activities and into Minecraft.
I made an attempt to use /plugins and it told me that I need server administration access to use it.
I have had this issue for quite a while, and anytime I brought it up in chat, there wasn't much to say about it from anyone, if any. Here's some of my observations, and also some theory that might help pinpoint the culprit of this issue.

My sugarcane has been disappearing as well no matter how many times I replace it, and specifically certain sugarcane. In my case, I have 3 in a row and it's always the middle one that disappears. Some observations I will note about this issue is
[1] The middle sugarcane that disappears borders a bottom half slab, the 2 other sugarcane, and an air block.
[2] The outer 2 sugarcane that never disappear, initially border the middle sugarcane before it disappears, a bottom half slab, and a top half slab-- the only major difference appears to be the top half slab which could be what is preventing it.
[3] Taller sugarcane (3 tall in my case) don't disappear, but of course that is without the bottom half slab bordering them, and I am unsure if it would cause it to disappear.

Here's a screenshot below of these observations:

The item frames do likewise as well, and I was initially inclined to say someone was being trollish, but it's a consistent problem, and specific ones disappear as well, but not others. I enjoy using things like diamonds to decorate the item frames to label certain things, and it has proven it can potentially be quite an expensive glitch with my diamonds disappearing. So I've given up fixing anything that continues to do this despite how much it bugs to leave it in this state:

All chests should have the item frames above, but the ones in the bottom right corner (and the left, out of this picture) keep performing disappearing acts on me.

I can further confirm observations reflecting disappearances of light sources such as torches. I recall Pyro's town having this strange glitch where there were no light sources, and no hidden sources with everything being solid and enclosed, yet it was properly lit. I have further noticed once in a blue moon, a cave being lit by what look like should be point-source lights, but nothing actually being present. I would assume all of this is the work of disappearing torches.

One last note I will add as an observation to all of these disappearing objects, is that they all share one thing in common: they're "transparent" blocks. Sugarcane, item frames, and torches do not have collision boxes, and this could be part of it.

I further propose that if redstone blocks are disappearing, which seem like it contradicts this theory, then it's because they're moving blocks. When a piston moves a block, the block temporarily becomes an entity. It's quite easy to prove this by seeing that redstone signals are cut off when a redstone block is being moved between 2 blocks, and also the fact that a player can 'glitch' through moving blocks that are pushed between 2 blocks, since it's not actually a block during that transition state. Also note that the piston pushing the block is actually a 'transparent' block as well especially when you consider the extended piston arm. So, it would appear that all instances of disappearing reported have to do with transparent block rendering-- voila?

If we could work on figuring what is responsible for this, that would be great!
I appreciate your thorough report, Charles. I'll set up a test field and monitor it. Try and find out when it happens.
I have more to report:

Today I was on for a bit until around 4:30 PM local time. Had things to go do, come back and my chicken farm is going nuts. I go to look, and one of the sticky pistons to activate the timer is broken, along with a near by block with redstone on it. Here's a kicker, though. The items were broken, like someone used a pick on them all. I found the piston floating where it was supposed to be, and the stone block was a piece of cobble with the redstone dust sitting in the area below.

There were 2 people online, jediadept and worldbike2000. worldbike jumped from spawn to his place alongside Arcadia, and then logged out. I bounced in seconds after him, where I found my farm messed up and full of chickens.

So whatever is happening, it's happening around 6:30 PM, which is indicated by the fact the items hadn't despawned.

Hopefully this helps narrow things down a little further into what the server is doing. It's not just making items disappear, it's actually breaking them as if someone used a pick. Kerm was kind enough to confirm that there was no foul play.
Over the last 3 days..

Redstone block disappeared in my mob spawner timer circuit. Redstone block replaced.

Day 2, redstone block reappears

Day 3 (today) sticky piston is missing in same circuit.
Plugins on Server:
  1. Group Manager
  2. NoCheatPlus
  3. WorldEdit
  4. iConomy
  5. Vault
  6. EggCatcher
  7. Multiverse-core
  8. LogBlock
  9. Questioner
  10. WorldGuard
  11. CombatTagReloaded
  12. Essentials
  13. dynmap
  14. CraftIRC
  15. Towny
  16. EssentialsSpawn
  17. Multiverse-Portals
  18. SignShop
  19. TownyChat
  20. Dynmap-Towny

I hear rumors that some users are speculating this issue is a result of using a 1.7 map in 1.8.
Can you guys give the coordinates of the places this is happening? I've never seen anything disappear myself, and it dawned on me that if it is a map issue, it may only be happening in specific chunks/places/blocks.
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