Four score and seven years ago, we lived in a bright and cheerful world. With a full-functioning economy, gold prices were sky high because of the hard work and determination required to obtain the gold.

All was good in the world until one day, one dark day, a young boy had an idea.
"Why don't we just make a gold farm, idiots?"
And so he did.

Within a blink of the human eye, gold farms were of the norm, people from far and wide would have loads of gold pumped into their little chests. Arms plump and heavy, they would laugh as the gold would just pile up giving them everlasting wealth.

Nobody ever noticed those few, silent miners who who work from dawn 'till dusk everyday, working their hearts out just to keep their town(s) alive.

Pardon the rich and emotional narrative, the main reason I made this post was to discuss the current worth of gold on the Cemetech-MC server.

At the time, the price of a gold ingot is 50d, and it is relatively easy for the majority of the citizens of the server to spend a few hours in their gold farms and make a couple thousand dollars.

What I am suggesting is that we introduce the option to sell gold ore, for a slightly greater price than gold ingots (I'm thinking 100d?). This would help the few people who actually spend time mining for the rare gold ore instead of sitting in their farms. I personally believe this will help the server economy by providing a reason for people to go back to the old ways of mining, and actually provide a better work:money ratio.

Any of your (constructive)criticism, and/or ideas that you can add to this topic are highly appreciated.

Thank you,
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