If you check that video out of the (somewhat impressive) gameplay, no scoring of any kind is displayed. If I have to keep updating that section, I'll be eating up additional time which I don't want to do.

And I do agree, I want the division problems to be better, so that's something else I need to work on. Down to just a couple of things, really, and this will be ready to go.

This is the general score card. I'm thinking I'm going to implement a way to quit from the marathon mode without the user needing to miss one, would probably be a bit fair, no? Smile
Yes, I think that would be more fair. My only complaint with the scoring is it seems slightly squashed; you have room at he bottom to stretch out those lines further. Smile Good work otherwise!
I still need to show off how many were correct, and how many rounds played if playing marathon. The reason some of that up there is squished is because I used the line separator built into that function. Just made it easier/smaller to code in ^^;

Going to go ahead and add the last of the score card in.


This is what I'm going with for the score card! Smile

Next up is

high score detection
Increase value caps for equations
Set up a better division handler?
Nice! So is a release date set? It is looking pretty sweet. Smile
No release date yet, hopefully soon, maybe tonight if I don't get further distracted :p


Meh, stupid sinus issues kept me from really focusing on anything, however

I did get high score detection working properly, based on how many correct the player gets.

I've fixed some of the alignment issues associated with displaying time, so digits go where they should.

As far as things go, it's playable now.

What needs to happen:

Fix alignment issues of the values for the equation

Add in cap increaser for allowable values to be displayed

Work on getting division to work better.
Christmas colors ^^
Looks very nice.
If only the calc could make the sounds of the original.
Are there any settings?
Maybe a mode where you can select how many problems to solve.

I feel you on the sinuses, I have post nasal drip all the time, anything sucking with sinuses is sucky Sad
Hope you feel better soon.

My continued attempts to shore things up with looks for the equations and make sure things look lined up.

Getting ready to delve into the rest, Just thought I'd show off the latest progress! Smile

I also realize that some of the values there are off. Those have been fixed. Was some issues with variables not being cleared, because I'm the dumbz.


Going with G+15(G<990)(fPart(J/5)=0->G so every 5th equation the potential values goes up by 15, and should max out at 990 after roughly 330 equations have been answered, if someone takes the time to play that long :p This should easily provide a steady increase in difficulty. Now to get that division system working better..

Edit 2:

I've found this works fairly well:

Repeat fPart(F)=0

Going to pop this into the game, this is the closest I can figure out to making sure the first value is the higher of the 2.

Finally got this game in a releasable form! Let me know if you find any issues with the game, though I've played it a few times and have found nothing.
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