I will be posting news articles regarding the activities in Cemetech MC here.

This is neither run nor endorsed by Cemetech's administration, it is run by a Cemetech MC player as a hobby.

Abrum (A.K.A. Bender) - CemCNews

Please welcome our latest member next time you see them!

Terra and Pheia have gained a new member.

kastamonu34's Cemetech MC activity.

So, please welcome our new Cemetech MC member! Their name is kastamonu34 and they're a friend of micah686. They just got the game and plan on playing more and more MC here at Cemetech MC.

-CCN (CemCNews)
If you want help with editing, just ask XD This is going to be fun
I appreciate the endeavor, I have some advice. Those pictures are super contrasty and you may not always be online to get those photos. May I ask that you keep posts to a text-only format. It'll encourage more words and thus our quality over quantity mantra, you can do this once a week or whenever you have enough news for a post.

All in all, I look forward to reading more! Good Idea
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