Is there a good place in Lebanon (preferably Bekaa') to get replacements for those rubber pad thingies (?) on the back cover of the TI-84 Plus CE?

TI sells them on their own website, but I don't know if they ship to Lebanon:
Well, thanks anyway!
Ether way I think its kinda atheistic, I actually only have 2 remaining on my calc.
Yeah, but having one missing means the calculator clanks a lot when I place it on a smooth surface.
Ah, you might be able to use some rubber putty to place it as a place holder
Ah well. Guess I have to deal with it right now. Rolling Eyes
If you won't buy one, remove the other pad next to it so it won't wobble. I've superglue my calc's feet in place and that's held up for 6 years.
I have my two missing ones but I am not sure how to reattach them I dont want to glue them
They're attached via glue. Just find a weaker glue if you don't want the pads on permanently.
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