I looked at the program on an emulator and found a couple of errors:
-Q10 "distance" needs to be hyphenated.
-Q13 "to direct thes objects" these
-??? "...possible methods you think JPL should consider when ..." "consider" needs to be hyphenated.
-Q14 "(based) on the inverse-square law)." Should there only be one set of parenthesis?
-??? "*when*" What do the astericks mean?
-??? "The simulation o the next page models..." on

The PDFs and readme look good.
Thank you so much for catching those. Other than the parentheses and the emphasized "*when*", they were all problems with lines containing 21 characters that required re-delineating those pages. I have sorted them all and made sure that they're fixed. I also updated the Teacher and Student PDFs.

I also added gentle pulsating hints to show students and teachers where to go next in the activity. I'm calling it a wrap; I'll news it in the morning in case tr1p1ea finds anything new when he tests on his real calculator tonight. I'm uploading the new "final" version now, ready for testing.

I approve of this!
ordelore wrote:
I approve of this!
Thanks! I must apologize: I had your name in the credits for the longest time, but when I finally finished adding the graphs, it turned out that I had actually removed every single line of your original code. Sad I hope you don't hate me for it. Thank you so much for inspiring this project in the first place and showing that it was possible!
No problem! I'm just glad that the finished project got out there! Also, about the code, most of it is probably because of sparse monochrome pure basic graphics.
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