Right, also, the armory and shop sell the same things. I was hoping for more weapons with different stats.
This game is from when I basically started and wasn't designed for it. AoD2 had such things, but I'm not sure how far along that game actually got.. I should look into that at some point.

Updated the file in the archives, repaired reported bugs regarding event items, and a few other tiny bugs.

(showing the events system now works)
Ok this may just be me but I beat the boss and went to the stairs but when I walk onto it, it seems like I have moved down one level but when I walk around it reveals nothing has changed.

Updated to fix that bug, was an issue with trying to fix the other bug dealing with events. I've played through the first boss, working my way back through the tower.
Sadly due to necessary ram clear all my save data has been lost. I had just unlocked cur^2 Sad. Good to hear the bug has been fixed
That's a bummer.

Just got to a point where I was teleported to another land, and nearly got stomped by the first bad guy.. I'd recommend beefing up defense if you can afford it :p If you decide to play again.
Wow I didnt know the game got that far, another land? Surprised
There are 3 lands, 3 dungeons and a major boss battle.
afterwards does one simply wander around the map?
After the last boss battle, game is completed. No other objectives.
What would happen if someone entered the game after that, would they be able to load anything or would it be reset?
The game isn't saved, if you load, you load from your last save point. It was the second game I ever built, so I didn't exactly make things overly complicated.
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