Thanks again for getting the hunt together the other day, Comic Very Happy It was my first Minecraft hunt and shocked I won. Thanks again tifreak8x for the help Smile

Just a couple things I would tweak. (1) More specifics on clues. Some were vague. I know it was a short notice hunt though. (2) Maybe not having night while the hunt is going? I know it adds to the challenge but if you team up with someone and messaging, it's a little difficult haha.

One thing that I really enjoyed was how I was able to get more familiar with the map. There were some places I didn't realize were there. I think having a hunt sometime right after 1.9 would help others to get familiar with the map.

Can't wait for the next scavenger hunt! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Yup! My plan for 1.9 is to take a week by myself on the map, after Spawn is created, and hide chests around the map. Maybe put enchanted items in the mineshaft chests and such. It sounds like we'll start with a small map and slowly expand the border, I'd like to make the map as big as it'll go so I can hide those items before the border get's to them as to not hide items in chests players may have looked inside of.

I certainly will plan a more thorough hunt to celebrate 1.9. I want to encourage the exploration of Spawn and the map so it'll certainly utilize that. Running around putting signs up in 1.8 Spawn made me remember just how big it was. I put signs all the way down by the ground, all the way up at the top, and in between as well.

I look forward to opinions and thoughts you have on our 1.9 topics Smile
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