So I got myself an fx-9750GII, and I'm having issues with linking. I've downloaded and installed this FA-124 linking software that is supposed to be used to talk to it.

What information I've found so far seems to indicate that the software doesn't work for 64 bit machines, which is kind of dumb.

I've attempted to run the program in compatibility mode with Win XP, even as an administrator, but every time I go to connect via the program, it gives me a pop up that says 'No more open program'.

I'm just wondering if there is a way to resolve this issue without locating a 32 bit os, or is there another program we can use to transfer files to these calculators? The Prizm is handy since it turns itself into a flash drive for purpose of transferring, but this model doesn't seem to have that availability. :<
One of the few results I found on the internet refers to xfer9860, a Linux/Unix program for linking that doesn't seem very mature at all (discussion at It's rather unfortunate that XP compatibility mode doesn't work with the FA-124 software, since that thread claims FA-124 works in a Windows XP VM. Perhaps some of our more experienced fx9860 users will have suggestions.
Wasn't there a new FA-124 patch that supported 64-bit OSes? I recall seeing it appear in Plan├Ęte-Casio news a few years ago, but I did not pay attention to download links.
I haven't a clue, I'll hopefully have more time to mess with the calculator and linking later this evening, but so far, I've not seen much in the way of that. If you happen to stumble upon it, I'd love a link to it.
Ok I finally found the link to the original discussion/news:

Unfortunately, the link to the official Casio website in the news is now broken so I don't know if the 64 bit drivers were added to the new location or just left behind. D:
I found to work and show my calculator. is hopefully the direct link to the file. Hopefully I can figure out how to use this program to pull and put files on to it.
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