Hello everyone,

i have a question regarding the vars-menu on the Casio Prizm (FX-CG20)

What is Yt used for? In the Documentation it says "Functions in parameterform", but besides this there is no proper documentation of how to use it.

Is it possible to store functions in the "Run-Matrix" Menu without the use of the "Graph-Menu"?

Thanks in Advance and sorry if it's the wrong section.
Yt is used to retrieve (after evaluating) the Y parameter of a function in parameter form.
First go into the Graph menu (5), delete the first expression (if one exists), then press TYPE (F3) and Param (F3). You are now able to enter functions in parameter form.
On Yt1, put a number of your choice, for example 123. Press EXE and go back into Run-Matrix. Now insert Yt (VARS, F4, F4) and press 1 (you should have written "Yt1"). Press EXE, and your number should appear.
Note that this, as most/all variables in the VARS menu, is read-only (you can't assign values to it from Run-Matrix). They are possibly not read-only when assigning from programs.
The mechanism is similar for Xt1, as well as for Y, r, and X - they allow for retrieval of the values/evaluated expressions inserted in the graph menu.

Let's try simpler (and possibly more useful) instructions:
Go back into the graphs menu, delete all the expressions. Put TYPE back in the default Y=. Now type any expression you want in Y1, for example x^2+6.
Go back into Run-Matrix. VARS, F4 and then F1. Now type 1 (you should have written Y1). Press EXE.
The result you see is the expression in Y1 evaluated at the current value of x. Type x to know what value it is. You can assign values to x with "value->x", e.g. "123->x" (-> is the key below "tan").
Say you want to do f(45) and you have put f(x) on Y1. You can also do Y1(45) instead of first assigning 45 to x and then doing Y1.

Regarding your second question, there is no such function as a "function memory" when running on the "nice" input mode of Run-Matrix that's called "Math". However, if you go into Set Up (Shift, Menu) and change "Input/Output" to "Line", there will be a FUNCMEM option on the OPTN menu (OPTN, F6, F6, F3). The manual should explain how it works.
thank you very much for explaining it in such detail. Smile
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