Question... What did I do?

I was playing around with ASM with my online simulator (thank god not my real calc Razz ) and I got a pause, and then text saying the OS was cleared, and I needed to go online to re install it.

All is well, my calc is fine, and I really don't NEED to know, but has this happened to anyone else? What causes this? Is it a C9 issue or more complicated than that?

Thank you,
What code were you running or trying to run? That should help, it would be cool to find yet another bug in the TI-OS.
I wish I knew! I tried re running but it's not the same result...'probably a Weird typo that just happened to be fatal

*Assembly. There's no such thing as "hex" assembly. Also, what do you mean by a "C9 issue"? It's likely that you just started executing random non-code bytes by messing up the address for a call or jump; it's hard to say what exactly happened. It's extremely hard to permanently mess up even a real calculator past needing a RAM Clear with a poorly-written ASM program.
I think the C9 issue is just a reference to not putting a final ret to end the program. I think a lot of people assume that "ret" is just an exit instruction.

And like Kerm says, you probably just ran some code that either wasn't a part of your program or had a bad jump/call that was a byte or two off. The PC probably ended up leaving your program (i dunno if you're using the stack, but that's a common culprit), so it might be hard to replicate since the RAM contents wouldn't be the same anyway, so it'd be executing a different sequence of instructions.
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