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I'm getting a slice of pie in my computer. I am getting 500GB for my parition. One part will be for Windows 7 and the majority of my gaming. My question is this: What distro of Linux should I get and how much memory should I allocate? I want a distro that has a GUI desktop, and also has a very good support for programming languages.
Almost all distros will meet those requirements. Some more specific requirements could narrow it down. Are you fine with the terminal?

I use sabayon, but have to use the terminal a lot(though part of that is I'm too lazy to learn to use the graphical package manager). In general though it seems to be more updated with easier management in my opinion. This is a very subjective thing though.
Personally, I prefer Ubuntu. If you like Mac style interfaces, you're all set. If you prefer tablet style, you can put [ sudo apt-get install gnome ] in the terminal. And if you like Windows, get KDE.

As for programming, with Wine you can run Windows programs with very little trouble (which is why I am no longer supporting Microsoft's world domination campaign).

And one more thing - Linux is so insanely customizable that you can get practically anything you want if you start with the right base. I would recommend Ubuntu, however.
I've taken the advice of Angelstorm and Kerm in deciding to have Ubuntu with 100GB allocated (which probably is overkill). Now all I need to do is get a Windows backup CD (or USB).
You can either make one with your computer, or download one off the internet (from anywhere you choose, as far as I'm aware), as long as you have a valid license key for your product. Just make sure that if it's an OEM system (preinstalled on your computer) that you don't rip the sticker off you computer, because if you decide to wipe the hard drive and reinstall, you will need to call Microsoft to get a new key, and they'll make you pay for one if you can't give them the license key you already have.

And with a hard drive like yours, 100 GB isn't overkill. However, keep all your documents on the Windows partition, because Ubuntu automatically mounts the other partition for easy access while with Windows you have to mount it yourself.

And one other thing: if you lose power during an upgrade, you will break your system. To fix it, press Ctrl+Alt+F1, login, and put these in:

sudo dpkg --configure -a
sudo apt-get install -f
sudo reboot

Ctrl+Alt+F7 to return to the GUI.
I don't if you are a Linux noob or not, but I found upgrading my distro a real headache until I found these codes. Good luck with Linux!
What is WFRNG OS?
Note that if you want KDE over Gnome, I would recommend going with Kubuntu in order to stop yourself from getting into DE wars (The joys of network manager fighting KDE and other gnome-specifics making minor conflicts).

@Angelstorm, don't forget about upgrade problems that stop you from booting. In that case, add the 'single' flag to the kernel arguments and you will boot directly into a root recovery shell for doing updates. Smile
I am for Debian, for I have used it for nearly three years. I think it has a natural advantage to other distros: it's huge software repository. Although some are old, they are of a wide variety. Just make sure you DO NOT use Sid, for it contains too many bugs! I think the best one is testing. Have a try!
I ended up getting Ubuntu with 200GB allocated. What appeals to me with default Ubuntu is that it has the polished look of Macs with the openness of Windows.
I suggest another partition with Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) because it mixes Ubuntu's driver support with Debian's power/efficiency (And has an awesome desktop), if you can.
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