Welcome to 2014 everyone. My first addition is an xLIBC Color Picker:

Upload in the normal place:
That's a great idea, Merth! And I'm glad you finally got around to updating this topic for the new(ish) year. I mentioned the bug where Ctrl-Z past a canvas resize makes the color hex sprite editor crash on IRC, but you said you were already aware of that one.
An animated Tokens screenshot? Awesome Very Happy

This new feature will definitely be helpful once I get around to utilizing xlibc functions Smile
Yeah, I think I'll do animated screenshots more often, now. I think they make it easier to see what's going on. This tool is very handy during xlib development, since you have to put colors in. Combine it with some #define statements, and it's super nice. Like, I have this at the top of my code:

#define WALLFACE    36
#define WALLBACK    2
#define CIELING     8
#define FLOOR       74
#define HUD         0
#define COMPASS     152
#define DIRECTION   248

And then I make a call like:

Now it's really easy to just highlight the color code and change the color:

Now the walls are pink Razz
lol nice.

And wow, I didn't realize that you use #define with xlibc programs. I have a lot of reading up to do on it, apparently.
You can #define with any program. That feature's been around for a very long time. The highlighting gets thrown off, though:

I'm still tracking that down.
Oh, because Tokens removes those lines, and uses the values into the corresponding places using those 'variables'? Apparently, I missed the memo. lol

*puts on the 'Newbie hat'*
Could spritesheet AppVars be exported with the Archived flag set by default? I think that's the general case for xLIBC spritesheets.
*Bump* Another update. I fixed the highlighting involved with #define things.


Added two things to the external tool launch (though a download isn't available yet--sorry!):
1) Ability to save or build the file before launching (so you don't have to hit F5 and then launch it, for example)
2) Ability to specify that you want it to kill the previous instance before launching the tool.

Mostly putting this here so I don't forget that I did it Smile
The tl;dr is that I have a feature request for comments on the same line as code, based on observing that that seems not to be an option currently. The details: SourceCoder 3 supports comments that are at any point in the code, including at the end of a line. I was surprised that when tifreak8x copied a bunch of plaintext code I had written in SC3 into TokenIDE, and the comments on the same line as code showed up in the .8xp. In my tokenizer, I strip from // to the end of the line, and also back to the first tab or space. The only time this is a problem is with things like Pause, for obviously reasons, but a \ after the Pause fixes that too.
This feature will not be added--it was intentionally left out, not overlooked. The main driving factor is that I can't know if someone meant the "//" to appear in a string or not. This can be fixed with something like \//, but then how can I be sure if they meant that, etc. It's easier to just restrict it to beginning of the line only--same with preprocessor directives.
To annoy you both, I should mention that // is valid syntax in many places in Axe source code, including at the very start of a line. (It's the signed division operator)
That's why in the XML file you can change the comment string to anything you want. Hell, you can make it THIS IS A COMMENT:
I've been working more on making the preproc stuff highlight correctly, and I think I've got it down. Check this out:

That's as many as 6 preprocs on one line working just fine Smile
Is this stuff for the #define bit? Looks pretty awesome. Smile
Yup. The top of the file looks like this:

// Colors
#define WALLFACE    36
#define WALLBACK    2
#define CIELING     8
#define FLOOR       74
#define HUD         0
#define COMPASS     152
#define FACING      248
// Key constants
#define CLEAR       45
#define LEFT        24
#define UP          25
#define RIGHT       26
#define DOWN        34 
// Variables
#define RedrawFlag  R
#define PlayerX     I
#define PlayerY     J
#define Map         [A]
#define PressedKey  K
#define Temp        Q
#define DrawDistance S
I'm having an issue with my words turning into symbols in Tokens. :<

must turns into some weird triangle thing with st tacked at the in, pic turns into pi symbol with c after it.

And yes, I know that one should 'fix it by adding a \ to the letters' however, if I tokenize and close out, then come back to it later, it doesn't have the \ by them any more, and then I have to readd them. :< It's even stripped out of the .txt file.
You can always change the tokens in the XML file to something less obtrusive to your workflow--that's one of the main reasons I did it the way I did.
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