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BattleQuest 3-Journeys Through Time Battle Quest 3 is an excellent BASIC RPG for the TI-83/84+. It features such things as 100+ pieces of equipment, over 90 enemies (including 19 bosses), several different items, four playable characters (you have either one or two at a time in your party) , and a hot key battle s… 747 7/10
BattleQuest 2 Second installment in the Battlequest series. Features over 25 equipment items, 5 skills, easy-to-learn game play, and graphic cutscenes. There are about 30 different enemies, including seven tough bosses that you can battle over and over to your heart's content. 491
BattleQuest 1 A unique text-based RPG with a sci-fi fantasy theme. You are allowed to choose from a list of characters, each of whom has special skills that are unique to him. Features a large number of items, equipment, enemies, etc. Overall, it\\\'s fun to mess around with for text gamers. 536
Billgame A short, funny game where you guide the unintelligent Bill through life. 427 10/10
Billgame 2 A rather longer and more involved version of Billgame. A good text game with amusing battles and laughable scenes. 417 10/10


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