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Title Description Downloads Average rating - create an RGB masterpiece! Welcome to - an easy to use but satisfying RGB art designer written entirely in python for the Casio Fx-CG50. Design a neat, grid style painting or an utterly chaotic scene, the possibilities are endless! Not sure where to start? Lucky, as you can see below, there a… 177
PyFive PyFive! Welcome to the PyFive, 5 small games or graphics programs written in Python. They all take advantage of the module Casioplot (but take input through traditional methods) As you may be aware, Casioplot is very limited when it comes to detecting key presses. The only… 290
Py-Mancala This is a two-player game of Mancala, written in Python and built for the fx-CG50. Press AC when the outline is around the space you want to move. Let it load (this is also the point where you can exit the game if you wish), and after a few seconds, the next turn will start. At … 247


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