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With 26 files, Sorunome is at rank 7 among all users for number of files authored. These files have been downloaded 14241 times, placing Sorunome at rank 64 for total downloads of their files.

Title Description Downloads Average rating
Calculate Version 1 This is a program I made recently, which gives you random calculations to solve. It uses rather much space because it has a rich graphical user interface and a lot of customization. 599 7/10
Animation2 This is a program I made recently. It has 8 Animations. Check the screen shots! 540
Mino v0.3 This is the Beta of my program Mino. 481
Mino v1.0 This is the final realese of my program Mino! It has a lot of unlockables! xLi's required! Check out the screenshots! 485
Mino Version 1.2 This is the newest version of Mino! Now the profils can have costum names, without using any strings to save! The profils can also be password protected. :) xLib is required. Please report bugs! 355
Cave Version 1.0 The classic cave game, it just requires xLib! Check out the screenie! :) 476
Tunnel Version 1.0 This is the classic tunnel game I programmed recently! xLib is required! 609
SurvivalSnake Version 1.0 This is a Snake game where you have to doge all the time things. Doors CS with all libs activated is required! 498 9/10
Chance Version 1.0 Hi, this is my newest game, it was supposed to be Black Jack, but because I used wrong rules I renamed it to chance. Read the readme for the rules and have fun! Sorunome 487
Contrast Version 1.0 This is a simple program that allows you to change the Contrast. It was made manly to test the DCS GUI Basic Lib. DoorsCS is required! 434
Sprite Version 1.0 This program can create grayscale sprites - in all sizes (width must be in byte)! It contains OnBlock, it is necessary, just as DoorsCS. 494
Pic3D Version 1.0 In this program are three grayscale cross-eye 3D Images. It was mainly made to test 3D-images. Doors CS 7 is required! 453
Run Version 1.0 In this simple program you have to jump over objects/hide beneath them. Doors CS is required! 501
Rubiks cube 2x2x2 Version 1.0 This is my awesome 2x2x2 rubiks cube I programmed recently! It is fully functional, Doors CS is required. Check out the screenie! 490
The Quest RPG pre-beta 0.0.1 This is the very first release of my current project, the quest. Doors CS is required. If you have any ideas how to make it better just tell me! 485
Axe TUnnel Version 1.0 This is the classic tunnel game written in axe. It's my first axe program. Doors CS is required! 560
Rubiks 3x3x3 Cube This is a virtual 3x3x3 rubiks cube I made. DoorsCS is required. Check out the screenshot! 657
Fake Version 1.0 This is a little program that simulates the memory menu, so it is easier to cheat on tests. :) xLib is required, be sure to check out the screenshot! 815 9/10
Nyancat This is a simple Nyancat animation for your calc written in Axe! 568 1/10
Grammar Tetris beta 0.8 This is the first beta of my game Tetris I made in the new programming language Grammar! Please keep in mind, that this is just a beta. Check out the screenshot! 482
Star Wars Music I made this to test Omnicalc, a nice program with Star Wars Music in! :) 513
Grammer Tetris Version 1.0 Well, here it is! The final version of the first Tetris program made in Grammer! I don't think that I have to describe what Tetris is... ^^ Oh, Grammer is enclosed! Check out the screenie and enjoy! 517
Mino v2.0 beta This is the beta of Mino version 2.0 Grammer is required. Have fun! 486
Global CalcNet Picker This program allows you to connect to gCn very easily, you practically don't use a computer anymore, you set everything over the calculator. Check it out in action over here: 797
[Axe] Reuben Quest: Ev Awakening After weeks of programming, with a huge pause in between, here it finally is: The Axe remake of DJ Omniamgas popular Basic RPG "Reuben Quest: Ev Awakening". The Axe remake features flicker-less 4 level grayscale and it is also able to run on a regular TI-83+! With its 35503 byte… 739 9/10
Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times Join Reuben on an epic RPG fantasy adventure which includes tons of puzzles, side-quests, hidden things and much more! 758 10/10


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