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To Do Manager Here is my newest contribution to the Nspire world: a complete task/to do editor. Now you can store tasks in a list, so you don't forget them (e.g. schooltasks). You can assign a title (max 30 chars), a priority (1 is not important, 5 is the most important) and a description.… 697
Bloxorz My version of Bloxorz, originally made by Damien Clarke, ported to the nspire can be played on the nspire OS>=3.0 (cx might be very usefull to distinguish the colors of the types of tiles..) UPDATE bug fixed 1460
Bloxorz The first full Lua game for the Casio Prizm, Bloxorz is a port of an Nspire game. It has 16 levels. An older version of it froze when it got to the 16th level, so if it does, please message Spenceboy98 or post on the forum. Use the arrow key to move the block around. Press [OPTN… 2288


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