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The long drive a game similar to the long drive, (no car mechanics) where you go places, find food, oil, water, gas and diesel. make sure your car is fueled up or else you might not survive. my friend found as many bugs as he could, and I then fixed them, but if you find any please let me k… 32
Island survival this is a survival game that started to make a year ago on my sisters ti-84 plus CE, then I got my own and finished it on that about a month ago, I have continued to make small changes and updates to make it even better. my friend played this game a few times and has been the… 45
math game get better at doing math in your head. you can test your addition subtraction multiplication and division skills. not the most beautiful UI but it works and keeps it a small program. 30
M-tag made this myself, due to the fact that I thought Post-Tag-System was cool and I wanted it on my calculator. it is a model of computation similar to the Turing machine. there are technically uses for this thing, but using it on a graphing calculator limits it due to the fact … 55


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