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CASIO fx CG50 PROGRAMS This file contains 13 programs for the CASIO fx CG50: AFRAC, a program that uses continued fraction, and can give you a good approximation, as well as the exact value for denominators well above a million. APRIME: A prime finder which divides out all even numbers as well as numb… 580
SOLVERX for CASIO fx CG50 This program solves polynomials using the Solve(-function. To avoid getting the same value it divides the function with the factors as it goes, Solve(y1,x, -100,100)->A, Solve(y1/(x-A),x, -100,100)->B. It can repeat this process up to four times, but it can also combine the root… 170
PRIME6&6D These two programs aim to find two prime numbers that have been multiplied with each other. PRIME6 is as simple as possible, and PRIME6D is a demo version. The idea is to find a number that is close to a multiple to one of the primes: plus, minus 167. To do that the program typi… 200


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