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Doors CS 6.8 is the penultimate beta of Doors CS 7.0, containing many feature additions, optimizations, and bug fixes. It provides plenty of optimizations for both speed and size, respectively making the shell feel faster and giving me more leeway for additional fixes and features. It incorporates tons of bug fixes based on reports from the loyal beta testers. It includes fixes and additions to the DCSB Libs, including the oft-requested GUIMenu routine, sum(13). There is expanded SE functionality within Doors CS desktop. Doors CS 6.8 beta repairs bugs in GUI text input functions, moves them to the edit buffer for faster typing, speeds them up on 15MHz calculators, and adds [CLEAR] as a backspace key to supplement [DEL] as a delete key. It also adds scroll wrapping to DCS desktop. Scroll up at the top to go to the bottom, scroll down at the bottom to go to the top. It reduced DCS Menu to three items: Display, About, and Options. It adds more understandable BASIC Exec errors, as wel as folder and screen location saving so after using the Properties menu, running a program, or quitting, you start where you left off. It includes a fast and efficient ALCDFix-like LCD delay tuner for those with TI-84+-series calculators, eliminating the need for that program. Finally, it adds features to the FileOpen and FileSaveAs AP routines for ASM programmers. Please download it today, give it a try, and let me know what issues you find!


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