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A 2d racing game, where you get thrown in a random vehincle and have to drive as far as possible without colliding to often. There are highscores and the player vehincle gets faster over time.
When run in CEmu, the framerate gets increased.


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Background/Back_0.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_1.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_10.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_11.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_12.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_13.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_14.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_15.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_16.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_17.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_18.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_19.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_2.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_20.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_21.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_22.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_23.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_24.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_25.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_26.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_27.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_28.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_29.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_3.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_4.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_5.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_6.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_7.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_8.8xv 62.6 KB
Background/Back_9.8xv 62.6 KB
FontLicense.txt 1.9 KB
GameExcludingFontLicense.txt 1.0 KB
Race2D.8xp 26.3 KB
README.txt 1007 bytes
Vehincles/bCar.8xv 5.2 KB
Vehincles/Bus.8xv 14.5 KB
Vehincles/CARG.8xp 5.2 KB
Vehincles/Player.8xv 5.2 KB
Vehincles/Van.8xp 6.1 KB
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4 years, 9 months ago


6/10 (3 votes)


Unless I forgot other CE programs, this looks like this is by far the largest native TI-84 Plus CE calculator game ever released in terms of file size. Rather than using tilemaps and/or sprites to generate the racing track and surroundings this uses full-screen, pre-rendered background images scrolling one after each other. This makes the game look less blocky but since the game isn't very polished and has the gameplay of a 80's arcade racing game I can't really say this is a good addition to anyone's calc that already have a lot of games already installed. It is more interesting as a proof of concept for what can be done with uncompressed pre-renderings than a game to keep installed and played regularly.


  1. 2d Racing Game (published 4 years, 9 months ago; 2019-09-27 17:09 UTC)